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What is Let’s Start Talking?

Let’s Start Talking is a unique mission experience where teams of students from Longhorns for Christ partner with local churches across the globe to provide individual English improvement sessions for people seeking to grow in their conversational and reading abilities. It uses the biblical book of Luke as a basis of reading and conversation.

Where Will We Go?

Several sites are available for 2024, including

  • Rio de Janiero, Brazil

  • Seoul, South Korea

  • Zagreb, Croatia

  • Łódź, Poland

When and How Long?

Projects are six weeks in length

  • Teams usually leave at the beginning of summer in May and return late June/early July

How Much Does it Cost?

Team members will raise $4200 each to cover all project expenses

Who will I go with?

  • Teams will be formed from those who have submitted a final and approved application

  • Site assignments will be based on the formation of teams

  • Encourage your friends to apply

Where Have Longhorns for Christ Teams Been?

  • Campamento, Honduras | Cordoba, Argentina | Reife, Brazil | Rio de Janiero, Brazil | Vicenza, Italy | Timisoara, Romania | Kyiv, Ukraine | Phom Penh, Cambodia | Taipei, Taiwan | Beijing, China | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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What is doing Let's Start Talking Like?

Hear from Christie Marquez, LFC Alum, on what doing Let's Start Talking mission projects has meant to her:

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Interested? Let us know!

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